Mechanical Solutions:




Our company has extensive experience in the servicing, sales, installation and maintenance of all types of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for every type of building. We also service Environmentally Controlled systems. Xplor is a design build, design assist, plan and specification commercial and residential Mechanical Contractor. We have our own in-house metal fabrication shop to provide high-quality craftsmanship for any project. Whether you need to replace an outdated furnace or air conditioner, repair a malfunctioning unit, or have questions about general heating and cooling maintenance, we are here to help! Home and business owners across the Pikes Peak Region trust our team of fully licensed and insured HVAC technicians for expert repair, installation, and service.


We are pleased to offer our services to High-Rise residential and commercial clients as well as other projects. A leader in the mechanical industry, our staff provides expertise and knowledge in handling the most difficult projects successfully, sustainably, cost-effectively and timely. We take pride in all projects by providing quality, professional service and expertise.

In High-Rise buildings, apartments and condominiums we use cast iron piping for transmission of rain water leaders (RWL), waste water and sewage water. For Domestic (potable) water mains and risers plumbing systems we may use copper. We use the latest technology in unique PEX piping assuring a strong connection for consistent and durable plumbing systems in each unit. Unlike metal alternatives, PEX plumbing systems are immune to corrosion and mineral buildup also PEX plumbing systems retain more heat in hot-water lines and resist condensation on cold-water lines. For sprinklers and heating applications we use steel Victaulic piping system which reduces waste and increases efficiency



FF System

Xplor  offers you a detailed professional service.

With a team of Engineers and Security Installation Technicians:

1. We elaborate security plans of firefighting, which comply with all the regulatory regime.
2. We provide a range of certified fire extinguishers, reels, fire detectors, autonomous light blocks and respective signage, with 50 years of experience in this market.
3. We install all fire fighting mean in accordance with all the regime’s rules, in a quick and without a trace way. To ensure the durability of the installation, we resort to different methods of fixation and placement, depending on the environment of the space.
4. We perform the maintenance service, certified 4413 standards.


Smoke Extract System

In compliance with modern market norms and principles, we are actively involved in rendering a wide spectrum of Smoke Extraction System Installation Services for our customers. Provided services rendered using premium quality components that are sourced from certified vendors of the market. Apart from this, we are providing these services within the stipulated period of time.


Elevator/Escalator Installation and Maintenance 

Our organization has been specifically structured to provide the levels of service you would expect from a small local provider whilst providing the high levels of service you would expect from a domestic leader in the lift and escalator industry. Our team of Engineers, Technicians, and consultants can cater to any vertical transportation requirement your organization might have. We believe mobility is the key accessibility and with the right solution, you and your stake holders can benefit from easy access. We provide detailed solution plans for High rise buildings, Shopping centers, Hotels, High volume public structures, Government buildings and Structures with special requirements.

With the global support of a truly innovative lift and escalator organization, we can provide you with a first-class service for all your maintenance and lift repair needs – designing a tailored package to suit your requirements and delivering the level of high-quality service that our customers expect.


Hoist Installation

We also provide complete erection, dismantling, maintenance, and technical services for all types of construction hoists.