Safa Gold Mall is a multi-story shopping mall with a total of twelve floors, including two basements dedicated for parking. The Mall will have state of the art facilities and is being built in line with world class standards of construction.Construction of the Mall will be completed in two Phases, with Phase 1 already started and due to complete by the end of March 2012. At the start of October 2011, structural portion of seven floors of the Mall has been constructedPhase 1 involves completion of the exterior of the Mall along with nine floors (3 basements and Ground Floor plus 5 floors) and partial completion of the remaining three floors, with only their finishing work left to be completed under Phase 2. The Mall will be inaugurated in April 2012, upon the completion of Phase 1. Phase 2 will be undertaken after completion of the Mall and is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2012, after which the Mall will be made fully operational.To meet the financing needs of the project, Al-Safa intends to obtain loan from a bank for which it decided to prepare a Feasibility Report to assist in the loan approval process.Biz-Financial Consulting (BFC) was engaged to prepare a Feasibility Report of the project including detailed financial projections covering a period of 5 years



Project One is mixed-use development in Islamabad which includes two 24 story towers connected by a skybridge overlooking the Rawal Lake




Al-Safa Heights (l)




Al-Safa Heights (ll)



Emporium Mall Lahore


World trade center Rawalpindi


Lucky One Karachi

Packages Mall Lahore