Electrical Solutions:



Xplor provides its customers with the most modern equipment and trained personnel available in the market. Our maintenance program provides the customer with comprehensive fluid and electrical testing survey. In addition, we can provide any repair and maintenance services including an extensive battery of electrical testing, Our goal in providing this maintenance program is to prolong the life of your substation equipment, therefore cutting the cost of purchasing new equipment due to failure. Compensation for this maintenance service varies with the size and complexity of your system. With our program, many companies receive the benefit of our experienced personnel and specialized equipment for less than the cost of hiring one inexperienced in-house technician.



Xplor services include: assessing your current lighting equipment, creating a new lighting plan, hassle-free maintenance, remote support and guaranteed lighting performance. Partner with our listed vendors and make your illumination an integral part of your company’s success. We’ll take care of the lighting, so you can take care of business.

Main Feeder System


Our professional staff of engineers, technicians, and industry experts support your energy requirements. Our commitment to helping customers in providing safe, affordable, efficient, and uninterrupted power. We accomplish this task by thoroughly understanding our customers and their cost, scheduling, quality, and functionality objectives.

Communication System



Xplor fulfills the specific communications needs of airports, sports facilities, hotels, industrial plants, businesses, government agencies, hospitals, educational institutions, resorts, religious institutions and conference centers with specially designed and engineered systems employing sight, sound or both.


Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are required in most occupied buildings and their purpose is to notify people to evacuate the facility in the event of a fire. The majority of modern systems are low-voltage addressable fire alarm systems that can provide the exact location where smoke or heat is detected.  Older systems still in operation can be conventional zoned systems or 120-volt bell and buzzer systems. These system’s standards are governed by NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. The code outlines the requirements for inspection, testing, maintenance, design, and installation.

Xplor`s  technicians have a comprehensive understanding of NFPA 72 requirements and how they apply to your facility. We evaluate local fire alarm code requirements and work with your authority having jurisdiction in order to craft a customized plan to keep your code compliant.

Security System

In building safety and security management, the focus has shifted toward preemptive security and safety measures like structural fire protection. When you identify the risks, you will be better equipped against them. Versatile services and well-functioning systems contribute to a high level of security and safety. We provide security and safety advisory services to ensure fool proof overall security and safety management.
Regular maintenance ensures functionality

Good and regular maintenance ensures that the security and safety systems of a building or facility operate as they should. In security and safety matters, one must be sure that the systems are operational and that they can be monitored.

We repair faults and carry out annual and other scheduled maintenance. If required, we inspect and test the systems as per defined schedules.

We provide safety and security system remote control and monitoring and remote programming services to our clients. We also prepare rescue and security and safety plans and inspect and test installed systems. We always make records of the inspections and tests and give reports of the results to the client.

Our offering

  • Perimeter protection
  • Nurse call and personal attack alarm systems
  • Alarm transfer systems
  • CCTV monitoring systems
  • Access control systems
  • Door and gate phones
  • Fire detection systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Smoke exhaust systems
  • Data communication systems
  • Emergency lighting and signage systems
  • Time tracking
  • UPS systems
  • Visitor management systems
  • PA and audio evacuation systems

BMS System

Buildings need a brain to intelligently control the many systems and thousands of data points they can generate. We offer an integrated approach that unites multiple systems on one network across enterprises, from a single software platform. Once integrated, data from those systems is assimilated and converted into information that empowers decisions and actions that enhance efficiency, comfort and well being for building occupants and owners.

We’ve helped design and install intelligent building management and security systems that deliver solutions for HVAC, Access control, Video surveillance, Lighting control and Energy efficiency. And we deliver results that create a comfortable, economical and secure environment in schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping centers, factories, government buildings and just about any other industry you can think of. It’s time to boost your building’s IQ.