About Us:

Xplor Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd is a C2 Category Registered Company in Pakistan Engineering council, It was formed in 2001 by Mr,Syed Ali to go beyond the conventional supply chain in the market and allocate globalized solutions for business to business market needs. The fonder firmly believed in the globalization of markets and how this would improve the quality of life with and outside Pakistan.

With the passage of time, Xplor has also endeavored into the construction business and aims to work to the highest standards in order to satisfy the expectations of its clients.The core competence of the organization lies in constructions (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC). It is the leading innovative organization in assisting the investors and service providers to penetrate new markets worldwide. Xplor has undertaken on its own as well as in partnership with renowned companies of Pakistan, civil engineering contracts of varying nature and magnitude as management contractors and as their subcontractors. It is today one of the emerging companies of its nature in the private sector.

Xplor believes on a hands-on management philosophy, a keen team player spirit and the timeouts completion of projects. For this to materialize, Xplor concentrates on open communication with all participating parties which ultimately leads to the success of the project as whole. The successful completion of projects and contracts convey Xplor`s commitment to being cooperate ,helpful, and easy to work with and at the same time resulting in an effective achievement of the planed deliverables, which is the eventual purpose of the client.Xplor`s Success lies on its effective professional financial management and execution and its fully competent in term of financial resources ,expertise, skilled manpower and construction equipment to undertake a diverse range of civil Engineering projects. Senior management`s commitment and attentiveness to results means that every project receives such special treatment as to add the tangible and intangible values which distinguishes Xplor from its Competitors. Having a well-trained, knowledgeable and skilled workforce enable Xplor to effectively analyze the diverse inter-Relationships of any project.By Virtue of commitment and dedication to the clients goals and objectives, management teams demonstrates the combination of values based on competence and integrity.